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Adult Tennis Lessons

We offer several adult programs that will improve your game and enhance your fitness, all in a fun environment.


Adult Group Tennis Lessons

Adult Group Tennis Lessons are designed to improve each players ability on the tennis court. We offer classes for various levels, starting from our Beginner class through to our Advanced class.

Private Tennis Lessons

During Private Tennis Lessons, players receive personalised technical and tactical correction, with activities and drills tailored to the players needs. Maximum of 2 players. Couples are welcome.

Hitting Sessions

If you want to hone your skills and would like someone to play against, try one of our hitting sessions. For an hour, you get to play with a high level player and decide what you do (e.g. play points, rally, perfect a specific shot).

Advanced Adults

An invite only class for adult and junior players of a UTR 6 and over. For competitive players that want to improve their game or play competitive tennis against others.

To book an Adult Group Tennis Lesson, click the button below. Or to book a Hitting Session or Private Tennis Lesson, contact us

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