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Tennis 360 Pro Shop

We have items available for purchase during coaching hours, can order items for you through our affiliation with Head Sport, and we offer restringing services with various string options.

Items for Purchase During Coaching Hours

We have grips and tennis balls available for purchase during coaching hours.

Price List Includes: 

- Head Championship 4 Ball Can: $12

- Over Grips: $4

- Replacement Grips: $12

Head Sport

Tennis 360 is affiliated with Head Sport. For tennis racquets, balls, shoes, apparel, bags, and accessories, visit their website below.

Simply let us know what you would like to order and we can order the products in for you, saving you on shipping costs.


Strings wear down from play relatively quickly, reducing tension and string performance.

The general rule of thumb when deciding how often to restring your racquet is that in one year you should restring your racquet the number of times you play tennis per week.

For more information, contact Dan on 0490606984 or

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