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Tropical Storm

Tennis 360 Weather Policies

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Wet Weather Policy

The great thing with Campbell Tennis Courts is that they drain very well (especially the bottom courts). That means that even if it has been raining for an hour before the tennis lesson the lesson might still be on. Therefore, always assume tennis is on. If you do not hear from us through our Facebook page or via text message and your tennis lesson is about to start, then assume it is still going ahead.

Sometimes it is completely obvious that tennis will have to be cancelled. In this situation, you could expect us to update our Facebook page 2 hours before the lesson. However, if it is less obvious then tennis may be cancelled 30 minutes prior to the lesson or even closer to the start of the lesson. We will try to communicate with you as early as possible to ensure you can organise other pick-up arrangements for your kids and to save you the hassle of driving to the courts for no reason. If a lesson is cancelled but you can't organise a pick-up for your child please let us know and we will stay at the tennis courts until they can be picked up. 

If you are unsure if your lesson is going ahead and would like a confirmation feel free to call us or send us a text, however there is a chance we are on court already and cannot take a phone call or reply.

We offer make up lessons in the school holidays for any lessons that are cancelled due to wet weather. Expect to receive more details of these make up lessons at the end of the school term.

Image by Sean McAuliffe

Thunder and Lightening Policy

The definition of a thunderstorm is where lightning can be seen and/or thunder can be heard. Any storm which produces thunder means lightning is always present, even if it is obscured by cloud (it is the lightning which produces the thunder).

The simplest and most effective way to assess this distance of lightening is the 30-second rule. If there is less than 30 seconds between the lightning and thunder, then the lightning is within 10 km of the listener. (30 seconds at the speed of sound is 10.2km).

When a lightning strike is within 10km of the tennis courts, Tennis 360 staff will suspend coaching and ensure players are removed from the tennis courts to the clubhouse.

Coaching can resume once the threat of lightening has passed, which is measured by the lightning and thunder being greater than 30 seconds apart.

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