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Tennis Tournaments

There are several different types of tennis tournaments offered around the ACT and Australia. They include: 

Tennis 360 Tennis Tournaments - Throughout the year we offer junior tournaments to beginner and intermediate players to introduce them to tournament play. 

Campbell Tennis Club Championships - Once a year we will run a Club Championships tennis tournament for members of Campbell Tennis Club

The ANZ Junior Development Series (JDS) - For beginner to intermediate junior players

Junior Tournaments (JT) - For aspiring junior tennis players of an intermediate to advanced level

Australian Money Tournaments (AMT) - For adult tennis players of an intermediate to advanced level

ACT UTR Events - Similar to JT and AMT tournaments, the difference is the players universal tennis rating (UTR) is used to determine seeds, not Australian rankings.

For more information about JDS, JT, AMT, and UTR tournaments, including tournament calendars, click the button below. 

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