Private Tennis Lessons

Private lessons are great for players that would like to improve quickly, or that would benefit from a one on one environment over a group setting. Private lessons allow for more tailored instruction with the coaches total focus on achieving the individual's goals.

Serving a Tennis Ball

Single 1-Hour Private Lesson

$65 per lesson

Want a one off tennis lesson to see what it's like, or to fix a small aspect of your game? A Single 1-hour Private Lesson might be for you. If you decide you want to come back for the term, we will take $5 off your first lesson.


Term 1-Hour Private Lessons

$60 per lesson

This is the Private Lesson package we recommend if you want to take your game to the next level. You get a discount for signing up for the term and by the end of the term we guarantee you'll be a better tennis player.

Male Tennis Player

Term 30-Minute Lessons

$35 per lesson

If you are short on time or want a cheaper option than the recommended Term 1-Hour Private Lessons, this option might be for you. The shorter format means we try to pack a lot into 30 minutes. We do not offer single 30-minute lessons though so you must book in for the term.