Private Tennis Lessons

Private lessons are great for players that would like to improve quickly, or that would benefit from a one on one environment over a group setting. Private lessons allow for more tailored instruction with the coaches total focus on achieving the individual's goals.


Term 1-Hour Private Lessons

$60 per lesson

This is the Private Lesson package we recommend if you want to take your game to the next level. By the end of the term we guarantee you'll be a better tennis player. Terms go for 9-11 weeks.

Serving a Tennis Ball

Single 1-Hour Private Lesson

$65 per lesson

Want a one off tennis lesson to see what it's like, or to fix a small aspect of your game? A Single 1-hour Private Lesson might be for you. If you decide you want to come back for the term, we will take $5 off your first lesson.

Male Tennis Player

Term 30-Minute Lessons

$35 per lesson

If you are short on time or want a cheaper option than the recommended Term 1-Hour Private Lessons, this option might be for you. The shorter format means we try to pack a lot into 30 minutes.

Tennis Match

1-Hour Hitting Session


Want to hit with a high level tennis player? Try our 1-hour hitting session. A guaranteed great hit where you select the tempo and the focus of the session.